How Much Do Orthotic Insoles Cost?

Posted by SelectFlex on October 3, 2019

Orthotic insoles are a common way to give off-the-rack shoes more support and help you get relief from foot pain. But with so many products on the market, it can be hard to know which is the right product and if the cost of an orthotic insole is worth it.

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What Is Plantar Fasciitis? Insoles, Stretches, and Other Treatments

Posted by SelectFlex on September 26, 2019

Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common causes of heel pain today. Runners and those who work on their feet are most often affected, but it can cause heel pain in a wide range of people for a number of reasons. If you are feeling the pain of plantar fasciitis, you should consult with a doctor. They are likely to prescribe stretching, over-the-counter medicines, or insoles designed for plantar fasciitis sufferers. Here’s what you need to know if you suspect you have plantar fasciitis.

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How to Keep Your Feet Fresh on Long Runs

Posted by SelectFlex on September 23, 2019

When runners advance from a 5K to longer runs, one of the first things they notice is what a toll it can take on their feet. Shoes that are too small, ill fitting, or that don’t provide runners with arch support are just a few of the causes of sore feet after a long run.

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Soft or Rigid Orthotic Insoles: Which Is Better?

Posted by SelectFlex on September 19, 2019

Should an orthotic insole be hard or soft? Which is better for my feet? Trained footwear specialists or pedorthists are asked these questions all the time. One of the most common misconceptions is that softer inserts are better because they provide more cushion. However, when it comes to relieving foot pain, the solution isn’t just about cushioning, but also support.

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Best Orthotic Insoles for People Who Work on Their Feet

Posted by SelectFlex on September 16, 2019

People who work on their feet all day often find it takes a toll on their feet after a while. Sore feet is a common complaint from nurses, construction workers, waitstaff, teachers and many other professions. For some, the pain goes beyond just sore feet, and results in back and joint pain as well. If you’ve thought about using an insole for foot pain relief, here’s what you need to know.

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Is Knee Pain Related to My Shoes?

Posted by SelectFlex on September 13, 2019

Have your knees racked up the slings and arrows of tendonitis, bursitis, or tissue tears? Maybe your knee pain is of the congenital variety, such as patellofemoral syndrome, chondromalacia, or a generalized osteoarthritis. Or perhaps you have nagging pain in your knees you haven’t had examined by a doctor yet and are looking to find relief without taking medication.

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How Can I Reduce Joint Pain Caused by Flat Feet

Posted by SelectFlex on September 9, 2019

The human foot has 33 joints that hold together 26 different bones and over 100 muscles, tendons, and ligaments. The arches of the feet provide the spring to your step and help to distribute body weight and all its compressive forces across your feet and legs. The structure of the foot arch determines how a person walks and needs to be both sturdy and flexible.

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Sore Feet After a Long Shift? Find the Best Insole for Foot Pain

Posted by SelectFlex on August 27, 2019

Teachers, nurses, construction workers, cashiers, servers, mothers, runners, and anyone else who has spent a great deal of time on their feet, know the toll standing for long periods of time can take on your body. If your job requires you to stand for lengthy periods without rest, it can lead to a wide variety of issues, especially if you have poor posture or your shoes provide inadequate support. These issues, over time, go far beyond foot soreness and can develop into chronic foot pain and other ailments like plantar fasciitis. People on their feet all day want relief and a way to prevent future problems. Getting a quality insole can help, and this post will show you the best insole for foot pain to meet your specific needs.

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Best Insoles for Tennis

Posted by SelectFlex on August 12, 2019

Hello, my name is David Herr and I’ve had a tennis racquet in my hand since I was four years old. I also played hockey and soccer as a kid and, later in life, picked up the game of golf, a sport that has some of the most unnatural body movements of any you can play. In my youth, I won the Kansas 5A State Championship and played D-1 at the University of Tulsa. Currently, I play two to three times a week on both hard and clay courts. Playing this much tennis, this often, I was really looking for tennis insoles that could provide my feet relief and improve my game.

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On Your Feet All Day? How This Nurse Reduced Her Foot and Back Pain

Posted by SelectFlex on August 6, 2019

I love being a healthcare professional making a difference in improving patient’s lives and health. As a peri-operative nurse standing for long periods in the operating room, foot pain is the bane of every nurse’s existence. Even if you start your day with an infectious smile and positive attitude, being on your feet the entire 12-hour shift can turn even the most cheerful nurse into a grumpy one.

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